The firm of MargolinBesunder LLP is closing its doors.   


Harvey Besunder is now affiliated with the firm of Egan & Golden in Patchogue; you can reach him at or 631-447-8100.

Linda Margolin is now affiliated with the firm of Ackerman, Pachman, Brown, Goldstein & Margolin in East Hampton; you can reach her at or 631-324-3942.

Zach Dubey has also become affiliated with the firm of Egan & Golden.  Information about the firm’s other lawyers will be posted when it is available.

If you need to communicate about a matter previously handled by the firm and you have not been advised of a substitution, or if you are a client of the firm looking for information or files concerning a matter that the firm has handled for you in the past, you can use the existing firm-related emails for Linda Margolin or Harvey Besunder to inquire:

These emails will remain active until at least May 1, 2024.

If you are a client wishing to discuss your account or your inquiry is about accounts payable or receivable, please contact

If you want to mail or deliver payments or documents to the firm, please contact Linda, Harvey or Janice Sciabarra at the MargolinBesunder emails shown above for the correct mailing address.