founded in 1986, is a small firm of experienced lawyers. Our partners, Linda Margolin and Harvey Besunder, have over 80 years of combined experience in working with clients to understand and advance their businesses and objectives. When clients require advocacy rather than advice, we are equally experienced in persuasion: convincing other lawyers, judges or arbitrators, or municipal boards why our clients should prevail. We have earned a reputation for excellence in what we do, and we’re proud of it.


    In an era where lawyers are often lifelong specialists, the attorneys at MargolinBesunder have experience across a broad range of legal areas, giving them the perspective needed to analyze legal problems, envision and evaluate alternative solutions, and see the potential consequences that will flow from the choices made.


  • The experience we use to focus on our clients’ issues and potential solutions isn’t limited to our partners or our past work for clients. We value broad-based experience for all of the attorneys in our firm. Our lawyers have earned degrees in other areas, operated businesses, taught school, provided continuing education to lawyers, and served on the boards of organizations. They are active in their communities, and play important roles as bar leaders.

  • When a client comes to MargolinBesunder with a problem, we work hard to come up with a plan of attack and a solution that is aligned with a client’s business and financial objectives. Sometimes this is full-scale litigation; sometimes it is strategic litigation designed to create the right environment for settlement, and sometimes it means a quiet settlement rather than a victory we can boast about. We are driven to find the best solution.

  • Equally important, we do our best to ensure that our clients make informed choices. We believe in transparency. We provide our honest opinion of a client’s chances of success or failure in pursuing an objective, whether it is winning or defending a lawsuit, achieving goals in a contract, getting a land use project approved, or defending a professional disciplinary matter. We keep our clients informed on what is happening in their cases. We value language that is as free of legal jargon as we can make it, and we work with clients to demystify the legal system.

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